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Medical Malpractice

This is a very specific and highly technical area of law and you should not just go to any lawyer and think that you will be properly represented. First, before you can start a malpractice law suit, you must have a doctor or an expert in the field involved, who will unequivocally state that the medical, dental, psychological, etc. professional improperly practiced upon you. By this we mean that they either failed to diagnose or failed to properly treat a condition that an ordinary physician in the community in which you reside would have normally done. This is somewhat of a high hurdle to meet, but once it has been met and a sworn statement obtained from a medical expert, your case can be commenced.

So, there is much to know about the medical field before your attorney can even start your case. Much of this relies upon knowing where to find a medical expert who is willing to review your records and come to the conclusion that there was malpractice committed on you by a medical professional.

That’s just the start of a Med-Mal case. After that, in most instances, the attorneys for the doctors have been directed to never settle any of these cases. The doctors commonly have medical malpractice insurance policies that allow them to determine whether there will be a settlement offered or not. Most times they refuse any settlement offer. That’s why its so important to find the right lawyer to represent you in these type of cases.

That means that a medical malpractice attorney must prepare every Med-Mal case for trial from the first day until the last day so that they are fully prepared for all eventualities. Preparation of a Med-Mal case mans ordering all of your medical records and going over them with a “fine-toothed comb” looking for the areas where a doctor or nurse may have mentioned a pertinent fact that could turn the entire case your way. This takes a considerable amount of time and most lawyers in this field rely heavily upon their paralegals to take over these tasks so they can spend their time more effectively. Nonetheless, a good medical malpractice attorney will always want to go over every detail and check every nuance with his or her paralegal so that a set of legal eyes have looked it over directly.

Knowing how to conduct an Examination Before Trial (EBT) is very important to this type of case. Many times more can be done at the EBT than at trial. This is because a witness is often more relaxed at an EBT than at a trial and doesn’t fully appreciate the significance of his or her testimony at the pre-trial proceedings as much as if it was at a trial. The Law Team’s attorneys know just how to put adverse witnesses at ease just enough to get what they need from them. They also know how to prepare their own client for an EBT so that not too much is given away by them, but so that there is sufficient information provided to sustain their case.

As the trial looms, our Team members know how to marshal all of the evidence and prepare their case for trial better than most practitioners. Trial notebooks, enlarged photos and 3 dimensional displays are often used by our attorneys to clearly and concisely prove our client’s cases. We also prepare our clients for testifying on the stand using the latest witness preparation standards and techniques so that any fear or anxiety will be erased.

At trial, our Team members are astute trial lawyers who know how to present their direct case and cross-examine the defense case in the most telling fashion. Our members are some of the most advanced and experienced trial lawyers in the metropolitan area. We know how to prepare a case for trial and then how to try it to conclusion so that our clients win their cases. We suggest you contact us by completing the Contact form or email us at as soon as possible to review your case.



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