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Family Law is far more than just Divorce. That’s why we added a specific area just for it. With this area of law, many factors enter into a family’s needs. First, there is the issue of child support and maintenance (previously known as alimony). When any member or members of a family cannot support themselves, the monied spouse must be brought before a Magistrate Referee in Family Court to seek such support. This can be a very simple proceeding or a very complex proceeding replete with Discovery processes beforehand using Depositions or Interrogatories. Either way, its important to have the best possible attorney with you at all times because a great number of your rights are being effected in such a proceeding.

Custody and Visitation proceedings are usually done within the context of a Divorce, but when that is not done, or if it must be changed after the Divorce has been completed, then the matter usually goes before a Judge of the Family Court. When this happens, again, it could be a simple proceeding, or a complex one. In either case, a Law Guardian must be appointed to represent the child's best interests and Family Court Judges are very happy to listen to their recommendations. So a good Family Law Attorney will know to speak to the Law Guardian early in this type of case and will maintain constant contact with him or her to effect the best outcome for his or her client.

With custody and visitation proceedings, the Court will often direct interviews and investigations to be done on every member of the family and every one who will be living in the family home before rendering a decision. Our Team members know how to prepare our clients to present the best possible picture of your home life so that you will be successful in your case.

Our Team members are also adept at trial proceedings in Family Court and know how to cross-examine the adverse party to the extent necessary to gain custody and/or visitation for our clients. So, contact us by completing the Contact form or email us at and we’ll set up an initial screening interview and direct you to the very best in this difficult field of Family Law.



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