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Time is of the essence when you or a family member has been arrested so don’t delay in calling an attorney as soon as you become aware of an investigation or an arrest.

The reason for being quick about calling us is because the sooner an attorney is retained on a criminal matter, the earlier he can intervene on your behalf. A phone call from an attorney can stop an interrogation minutes before a fatal confession could ruin a defense.

It is also important to remember that when there is an investigation underway by the prosecution, many times, an experienced attorney can move the inquiry in the appropriate direction and often avoid an arrest. This can be an invaluable service that is little known to most people. Sometimes, negotiations before an arrest with a District Attorney can eliminate the case entirely. All of these things can only be done if you hire an attorney in time to avoid an arrest. It is very important to act quickly.

Theodore W. Robinson is an expert criminal practitioner with 30 years experience in the practice of criminal defense. He has tried every type of case from Murder down to Violations and has an excellent record. He is also highly experienced in Grand Jury presentations and pre-arrest negotiations. We also have three other attorneys with more than 30 years of experience each in the criminal field available to you so that you have a full array of alternatives once your case has been reviewed by The Law Team. We suggest you contact us by completing the Contact form or email us at as soon as possible if you or a family member is about to be or is arrested so that you have representation at the earliest possible moment. Our purpose is to defend your rights at all times as quickly as possible.

If you should be arrested and your matter must go to trial, having the right defense attorney can make a world of difference. That’s why we have some of the very best trial lawyers on our team to provide you not only with expert assistance at the trial itself, but with additional staff members to prepare your case before trial. Preparation is very important to winning a trial in this field because many times witnesses will disappear or forget what they originally saw over time. Having the right investigator who can go out into the field as soon as the case starts is very meaningful and important to your case. Each of our team members use their own investigator to accomplish whatever is needed long before the case ever comes to trial.

You also have the right and ability to interview any team member in advance of hiring them so that you are absolutely certain that this is the right lawyer for you. We make a consistent practice of setting up no obligation meetings with clients in advance of being retained and we urge you to bring other members of your family with you during the interview so that you have more than one opinion of the team member who you are interviewing. We want you to be satisfied with your choice and we believe there is a team member that is right for you.



For a complete listing of the Laws of New York State, visit the New York State Legislature's web site by following this link. This site features a listing of the laws by chapters (i.e., penal, education, labor, etc.) and articles. The site also features a great search tool to search by word of phrase. I recommend the search feature for those who are not familiar with the way the laws are structured or for those who do not know specific articles.

The New York State Criminal Court System maintains a web site that allows access to the Criminal Courts Calendar to find out the date of your next court appearance. The website is currently not allowing direct links to this site. Just type in a new window and click on "Criminal - 21 Courts" on the upper right under Case Information and type in the log-in code. Please note that this code is case-sensitive. You can either search out your case by docket number or last name.

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