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Our purpose is to provide you with the very best attorney for your specific needs, whatever they may be. Theodore W. Robinson has been an attorney for over 35 years and has handled all types of cases and has tried almost every type of case. Over that period of time, he has met and worked with, and sometimes against, some truly excellent attorneys. He has had first hand opportunity to deal with them and see whether they had integrity and honesty in the harshest of circumstances and how they dealt with pressure and adversity.

Our focus is to evaluate your case and direct it to the best attorney with the expertise in the specific field of law required to help you. This gives you the power of a large legal firm without the large legal expense usually associated with it. All of the attorneys we work with have at least twenty years of experience in their unique field of law.


To get started, contact us via email at or complete the form on our Contact page. We will initially respond by email. You may also call us at (516) 248-6600 to discuss your case directly with a lawyer and give us a quick overview of your case. There is no obligation on your part.

Our purpose is to give you an opportunity to be heard directly by a lawyer and provide you with an idea of what can be done with your case and which member of our team would be best qualified to serve you.



New York State Laws

For a complete listing of the Laws of New York State, visit the New York State Legislature's web site by following this link. This site features a listing of the laws by chapters (i.e., penal, education, labor, etc.) and articles. The site also features a great search tool to search by word of phrase. I recommend the search feature for those who are not familiar with the way the laws are structured or for those who do not know specific articles.



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