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The Law Team is a unique concept in which a group of highly trained and experienced lawyers have joined together to provide you with the best possible legal representation when you need it. Each of our lawyers has more than 20 years of experience in their specific field of expertise and can provide you the in-depth knowledge about the nuances of your situation and advise you about the best move for you to make.

Ted RobinsonFirst, Theodore W. Robinson, a general practitioner in the field of law with over 35 years of experience, will listen to your case, evaluate it, and direct it to the most appropriate expert in the specific field of law required to help you. Ted has the experience and expertise to effectively review your case and direct it to a lawyer who is one of the best in that particular field at no additional expense to you.

Over the course of his practice, Ted has become known for his personal concern for his client’s welfare and his high degree of integrity in handling their cases. It is our belief that we can provide even greater services to a larger array of clients so we can help more people with the best quality of legal care available.

We know how important your case is to you and having the best representation is the best way to achieve the final result you want - to win!!

To get started, contact us via email at or complete the form on our Contact page. We will initially respond by email. You may also call us to discuss your case directly with a lawyer and give us a quick overview of your case. There is no obligation on your part whatsoever.

Our prime purpose is to give you an opportunity to be heard directly by a lawyer and provide you with an idea of what can be done with your case and which member of our team would be best qualified to serve you. So, write us or call us and take the burden off your mind as soon as possible.



New York State Laws

For a complete listing of the Laws of New York State, visit the New York State Legislature's web site by following this link. This site features a listing of the laws by chapters (i.e., penal, education, labor, etc.) and articles. The site also features a great search tool to search by word of phrase. I recommend the search feature for those who are not familiar with the way the laws are structured or for those who do not know specific articles.

Traffic Violations Super Surcharge

   Before you send that traffic ticket in with a fine, remember, there's a new $300.00 surcharge added for 6 points and more. For details, click here.


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service and is now a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, maintains a comprehensive website. The website contains information on immigration laws and regulations, forms, fees, and field offices where you can contact the USCIS.

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